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Facial Aesthetics

Do you want to look and feel great?

Do you feel embarrassed by your forehead or frown lines?

Do you have unwanted wrinkles and crows feet?

Smoother,younger looking skin is not just for celebrities. At Colne Dental Care we can help you achieve a softer more youthful appearance using a wrinkle relaxing treatment.

A muscle relaxant placed into the areas of concern will temporarily reduce the pull of the muscles which cause the wrinkles, resulting in a softer smoother appearance to the skin.

Results become visible within 2 weeks and typically last 4-6 months. We also offer free top up treatments within 2 months.

If you would like to know more please call for a free consultation with Emma.

  • 1 area:   £190
  • 2 areas: £210
  • 3 areas: £250



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