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Minor Oral Surgery

Colne Dental Care has been accredited to carry out Minor Oral Surgery services in East Lancashire. We have been treating patients on referral from their own dentists for over 4 years.

You may require an extraction, biopsy or surgical procedure that a General Dental Practitioner is not able to provide. Historically, these procedures have been referred to the local hospital oral surgery department.

Colne Dental Care has 3 highly experienced and specifically trained Dental Surgeons providing Oral Surgery, all have formally worked in the hospital setting.

You and your dentist can choose to select Colne Dental Care when completing your NHS referral, and benefit from the state of the art dental surgery here at Colne Dental Care where you will receive the highest quality care. This service is completely free of charge funded by the NHS.

Ceiling mounted televisions will pass the time whilst having your oral surgery procedure. We assure patients of our undivided attention before, during, and after the procedure. You will receive a telephone call 24 hours after the procedure to ensure you have a comfortable recovery.

With certified oral surgery providers at the practice every day of the working week we are able to provide a wide range of appointments with very short notice. This is ideal for patients who require procedures urgently.

If you have any questions, would like to book an appointment, or need to know something that isn't on our website, then please get in touch.

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